Reiki Courses

GBP 75.00
Take a break from the busy time, rest, recharge, restore and receive healing!

Sunday 23rd April 2023

GBP 100.00

Come join us for an amazing day immersed in gorgeous energy connecting with and working with other Reiki masters!

To Become A Reiki Master Teacher

GBP 2,800.00

Allow me to coach you on the path of self mastery, I help you to become aware of, and to heal those things that may be preventing you from being even more amazing.

Learn about yourself on a deeper level;

Receive healing and support as you journey into those deeper levels;

Heal and Develop on So Many Levels..

Coaching and Mentoring on your terms with support like never before from me, Susie Gessey.

GBP 10.00

Are you a Reiki healer?

Would you like support from a group of other Reiki healers?

Would you love to be part of a community?